6 small acts of goodness you can do this week

Be a better human.

As we emerge from a seemingly endless winter, it’s easy to feel emotionally yuck.

There’s something about Netflix binges, bed snacks and refusing to take off your pyjamas for the delivery man that leaves the soul searching for more.

So to get us on our way to being good and proper citizens, we propose a spring clean of the soul. Starting small, of course. 

1. Tip your barista

Here is a person that physically toils each morning to make your day better. And we think that’s just beautiful. Your barista deserves a tip more than anyone and yet, when was the last time you did that? Never? It’s easy to forget when you’re in the habit of tapping $4 from your bankcard every morning. Don’t beat yourself up though. Instead tomorrow, come prepared with a little cash and slide it across the till as a thank you. You go Glen Coco. 

2. Reply to old messages

We know you have them. We all have them. These are the old messages from even older friends that you left unread, then opened, then forgot about because it was too much effort to reply. But now, as you flick through the pages of this magazine, you certainly have time to write back as a good and proper person would. Look, we’ll even wait for you… 

3. Take someone’s doggo for a walk

This is like a gift from heaven for all those involved. The owner will sigh sweet relief as they’re released from dog-walking responsibilities for a day. The puppy will stop for upwards of 10 nervous wees as they set off for an exciting new adventure. And you, my friend, will get the triple whammy benefits of exercise, fresh air and spending time with a dog (undeniably the greatest gift of all). 

4. Send a thank you card

It’s a well-established fact that snail mail is the most exciting to receive, making it one of the top ways to show someone your appreciation. It’s also considered more thoughtful than sending flowers, because of its multistep process. You’re required to select a card, pen a message in your own handwriting, locate the correct address, purchase a stamp and find a postbox. While potentially exhausting, the fruits of your labour will likely be stuck to the recipient’s fridge, making your efforts worthwhile. 

5. Leave your phone in your bag

This is perhaps both the easiest and hardest way to spread goodness. Put simply, our phones have transcended device status and become more like fifth limbs. So while this practice seems simple in theory, in reality, it’s really quite hard. But practice makes perfect, they say. Sure, you might miss out on hilarious memes and Bachelorette recaps but in lieu, you may actually connect with another person in a meaningful way. How bou dah? 

6. Frame a photo

Similar to the thank you card, the delivery of a framed photo implies a great deal of thought was given to the recipient. It’s bloody delightful. And yet it costs next to nothing. With little financial investment required, you can easily execute this one on your next trip to Kmart, with both printing and frames located in the same vicinity. If there’s a gift more heartwarming than a framed photo, we haven’t seen it. In fact, take a photo of it, frame it and mail it to us. 

Illustration by TwylaMae.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 173. You can read it here.

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