FJ Book Club: A story of female ambition, race and desire

This week we’re reading A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing.

Once a fortnight, a group of FJ readers gather together over Zoom to discuss (heatedly, might I add)  the latest book on our reading list.

Next on our lineup is the debut of novellist Jessie Tu, A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing. You might have already caught word of the book, as reviews have been circling this past month and all have been glowing. Apparently Jessie is a writer to keep eyes on, which is why we’re excited to dive into this book.

The story follows Jena Lin, a New-York based violinist who was once a child prodigy. She scores an internship at the New York Philharmonic, meaning her professional life is demanding and relentless. On top of that, her family is strict, her social life is busy and her dreams are forced to change course following Trump’s election.

Ultimately, she turns to sex to fill the void left by fame and as means of regaining power in an increasingly disconnected world. It’s an intimate portrait of female desire, sex addiction, acute pain and shame, and is Tu’s response to the erasure of Asian faces in Australia’s literary landscape.

To join the next FJ Book Club meet, fill out your details below and find yourself a copy of A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing here. We’ve scheduled a Zoom session for Thursday August 1 at 6.30pm AEST, when we’ll gather to discuss our thoughts on sex, race and ambition.

FJ Book Club will continue every fortnight, with new title announcements dropping every other Monday.


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