There’s a Fyre Festival-themed party coming to Melbourne with cheese sandwiches for everybody

Image via ‘FYRE’
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Load up your wristband.

We hope you’re not sick of the Fyre Festival hype yet, because a party dedicated to the greatest festival that never happened is coming to Melbourne.

Held at The Mill House in the CBD on Saturday March 2, Fyre Melbourne promises an authentically chaotic Fyre Festival experience.

All the juicy details revealed in Netflix’s recent doco will be represented on the night.

Dance the night away to music from a lineup that never was while rationing cheese sandwiches and themed cocktails.

Just be prepared to pause at Midnight and toast the living meme willing to take one for the team, Andy King.

The tropical party isn’t just for fun, however. Donations will be collected on the night for the Exuma Foundation, with proceeds going to counter the festival’s impact on local communities.

For more details on the event, head here.


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