Book review: The Flower Girls

Words by Veronica Stanford

Prepare to walk away feeling unsatisfied.

The Flower Girls follows two stories of children being abducted while in the company of the same person – one in the past, and one in the present day.

Both stories are intertwined with a non-linear timeline, giving you just enough info about each to keep you guessing about what’s actually happened. There are A LOT of characters. And it takes a good 13 or so (very short) chapters to really understand what is going on.

Once I was in though, I did find this book hard to put down, which is perhaps why I feel so let down by the ending. It feels incredibly rushed, wrapping up a story that’s been building for 300 pages in the last two paragraphs.

There, it reveals several bombshells while killing off one character for no apparent reason, and with no explanation.

Prepare to walk away feeling unsatisfied.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187. You can read it here.

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