Get your daily dose of fruit and veg with Urban Outfitters’ emoji vibrators

Words by Ruby Staley

Images VIA Urban Outfitters

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From mini beauty refrigerators to sausage dog doona covers, Urban Outfitters seems to always cater to the nichest of niche.

Now, it appears the store is venturing into the world of sex toys – making sure to put its spin on things.

Feast your eyes on Urban Outfitters’ vibrators, which are shaped like some of your favourite emojis.

Dubbed Emojibators, the toys are made from medical-grade silicone and are totally waterproof and vegan-friendly. To suit a range of needs, they come in two types, the Traditional and the Next Level.

Retailing for a humble USD $29, the Traditional vibrators arrive in the rather phallic forms of bananas, eggplants and chilli-peppers – just as you would expect from such a collection.

The Next Level toys promise to take things up a notch. And although The Shark and The Chickie Emojibators look strangely like bath toys, these vibrators offer additional functions intended for elevated stimulation.

In an industry that can sometimes be far too serious, it’s nice to see a fun and silly take on female self-pleasure out on the market.

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