IKEA has recreated the living rooms from your favourite TV shows

Image via IKEA
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

A dream world come to life.

We’re probably not far off to assume that most of you have fantasised about living in Monica Geller’s apartment or slumping down on Marge and Homer Simpson’s couch.

Well, in what might be IKEA’s best catalogue yet (in our humble opinion), you can vividly picture it.

For an online campaign, the Swedish furniture giant has recreated three living spaces based on some much-loved TV series and they’re pretty spot on.

It sees an IRL recreation of The Simpsons’ lounge, replacing cartoon furniture pieces with compatible IKEA products. The inclusion of a tilted sailing boat artwork is the real cherry on top.

If you’re a Friends fan, you’ll probably be gushing over the realistic portrayal of Monica’s apartment, which comes complete with decorative books and pillows. There’s even a window to catch a potential Ugly Naked Guy sighting.

Likewise, IKEA’s take on Stranger Things remains quite true to Joy’s house, right down to the Christmas lights on the wall.

And while the campaign can only be viewed on the store’s United Arab Emirates site, it makes for a pleasant viewing experience.



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