Scientists want to pay you €16,500 to stay in bed for two months

Words by Ruby Staley

Never want to leave your bed? We’ve got just the job for you.

Always dreamed about quitting your day job to laze around bed all day every day? Well, now you can.

NASA and the German Aerospace Centre are calling for women aged 24 to 55 to take part in an Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study.

Measuring the effect of weightlessness on the human body, the study will see you spend two whole months in bed reading, watching TV and being fed a nutritionist-planned diet to make sure you stay healthy.

It’s not all fun and games though.

You’re not able to get up at all, meaning you won’t be leaving the bed to use the toilet or shower. Yup, it all goes down in between the sheets…

During the experiment, you’ll spend 15 days in a familiarisation phase before beginning your 60-day bed rest marathon. And to finish off, you’ll spend two weeks in rest and rehabilitation, getting you ready to return to society.

If lying in bed for two months isn’t quite enough for you, participants will also be paid a sweet €16,500 for their time.

Find out more about the Rest Study here (you might need to Google Translate to English).

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