The sisters behind Greek-Australian olive oil brand Golden Groves walk us through their kitchen essentials 

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Words by Kate Streader

A happy kitchen makes for good food.

In mid-2020, sisters Katianna and Yianna Velos decided to found their own olive oil brand, having seen what a hit the “liquid gold” their family had been producing from their groves in Greece had become between friends and family. 

In partnership with Kitchen Warehouse, we caught up with the Velos sisters to hear about their olive oil, what food means to them, and what they simply can’t go without in their kitchen. 

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“Our parents have been importing olive oil from our groves in Greece since they migrated to Australia,” they tell us. “Our family and friends’ cupboards were always well stocked with litres of liquid gold that had been grown and pressed in our little village.

“One year, our family ran out of our own supply of olive oil and we had to buy tins back from a family friend. This was a defining moment for us, as we realised that not only was our oil a precious commodity to our family, but for all those who purchased it and subsequently became devout customers,” they explain.

The following year, the pair officially launched Golden Groves. Now, they can share their extra virgin olive oil with a wider audience. The oil is pressed from the organic native koroneiki olives handpicked from their family’s groves in the Mani Peninsula in the Peloponnese region of Greece. 


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“When we couldn’t go to Greece, we wanted to give Melbourne a taste of Mani through both our family’s organic olive oil, but also our culture. It’s not just an olive oil to us, but a celebration of life, our heritage and a vehicle by which to explore the leisurely rhythms of the Mediterranean way,” they say.

Food has always been a big part of the Velos sisters’ lives. Not only did the family produce their own olive oil from the 500 plus year-old trees on their grove, but their Greek heritage meant that meal times were about much more than sustenance. Food was something to be celebrated, experienced and shared. 

“Food, for us, is a form of expression. In the Greek culture, you show someone that you love them through food. Growing up, our parents would always source the freshest and highest quality produce from local markets and grocers,” they explain. 

“For the Greeks, food is meant to be shared. Rarely will you find a recipe that feeds one or two. Trays of pita, a gargantuan dish of moussaka, bowls brimming with wild greens with lashings of olive oil are all mainstays in any Greek household.”

Coming together, sharing a meal with loved ones, and truly appreciating the food in front of you are experiences the duo treasures. And while Golden Groves’ sole specialty is olive oil, Katianna and Yianna hope to grow their business to incorporate events, collaborations and a wider selection of products. 

To give us more insight into their process for making and celebrating food, they walked us through a few of the must-have items in their kitchen – a few of which you can pick up from Kitchen Warehouse


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“For us, a coffee machine is a must! We both love to start our day with a strong black coffee. The Smeg 50s Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine is perfect for making espressos and adds a stylish pop of colour to any kitchen or office,” they say.  

“We also love classic cooking equipment that will last forever in your kitchen. A good cast iron pan should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen. It’s perfect for omelettes and steak, and just feels like the real deal when you’re cooking. We love the Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Skillet 26cm Marseille because it’s a timeless piece and also comes in funky colours.

“Of course, a really sturdy, big chopping board and sharp knives are also important when cooking to get all of your food preparation done,” they add. Equally important as the cooking process, Katianna and Yianna also put thought and care into dishing up and dining. 

“Mismatched, playful and unique tableware is also a must for us. We love to purchase unique and interesting coffee cups, plates, candles, wine glasses, and tablecloths to make for a fun tablescape for our next dinner party!”

And lastly, a non-negotiable in the Velos kitchen is music. “For us, a happy kitchen simply means music must play. Food is more than taste! It is about playing on all your senses, from the smell of freshly extracted coffee to the sound of an old record humming in the background. A clean, open kitchen is always best. Although our kitchen can get chaotic at times, there’s a lot of beauty in organised chaos.”

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