Advance to Central Perk: Hasbro is finally releasing ‘Friends’ Monopoly

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Could we be any more excited?

An epic TV-board game crossover is coming, and boy, could we be any more excited?

Hasbro has revived everyone’s favourite sitcom, with a Friends collectors edition of Monopoly. Considering how intense Monopoly can get, we’re expecting some real-life Ross and Rachel-style meltdowns.

In this fun ’90s twist, you can play as any member of the Central Perk gang, with tokens including Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ dinosaur, Monica’s chef hat, Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, Chandler’s sweater vest and Joey’s piping hot pizza.

Each square relays an epic Friends memory, with the Central Perk square as the new ‘Go’. Monopoly jail has even been turned into a Ross and Rachel relationship jail.   

You can pre-order the new edition in Australia, from online retailers like CuboxWe suggest then biding your time with reruns and ‘were they on a break?’ forum discussions.

Image via The Works

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