IKEA wants to buy back your old furniture

Image via IKEA/Facebook
Words by Tara Smith


It’s a great day for homeowners and renters alike. IKEA has announced the launch of Australia’s first take-back furniture service in Sydney, where customers can return secondhand products in exchange for a voucher.

The returned furniture will then be sold on to new customers by IKEA, and so the circle of life is complete.

All you need to do is email photos of your old item to be assessed, before receiving an offer for said item once it’s approved. You’ll receive a voucher for your piece, which will go on sale at IKEA’s Tempe store for the same value.

While unfortunately the service is currently only available in Sydney, we have high hopes for a national expansion.

To further promote the circular economy, IKEA is also hosting its first Circular Living pop-up store at IKEA Tempe, giving consumers an in-depth look at the recyclable materials that make up various products.

Learn more about IKEA’s take-back furniture service here.


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