IKEA teams up with NASA for an out-of-this-world collection

Image via IKEA
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

From outer space to your living space.

This one’s a collab you might not have seen coming.

In Swedish furniture news, IKEA has teamed up with NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station for a space-inspired collection, branded RUMTID.

The collection offers four different product ranges, each tackling the elements of time, space, water and air. The goods include an air purifier, an indoor terrarium pod, innovative lighting solutions, and a modular, block-based furniture system.

You can also expect a new lightweight veneer material in the furniture designs, made from recycled wood and waste that’s rolled into hollow tubes. These tubes can be either taken apart or clamped together to build custom furniture for each individual’s needs.

The range is expected to moon land in IKEA stores sometime in 2020. Meanwhile, flick through some of the designs above.


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