IKEA to launch its most portable furniture collection yet

Images via IKEA
Words by Anthony Graetz

Renters everywhere are rejoicing.

Gone are the days when arguments, tears and spitting the dummy came from assembling IKEA furniture at home.

With IKEA’s Democratic Design Days (a time where the company discusses future improvements) happening last week in Sweden, new collections and collaborations have been announced. This year, that includes quicker, more easily assembled furniture than previously offered.

The Scandinavian retailer has taken note of a growth in urban population and the decreasing size of metropolitan living spaces. With this in mind, IKEA wanted to create a collection which alleviates stress when it comes to relocation.

As a result, RÅVAROR has been created – a new range that transforms small spaces into smart spaces, and packs up easily.

“With RÅVAROR, we wanted to create a few key items that have a new level of versatility, functionality and simplicity. And when it’s time to move, it should be easy to pack everything up, stack them together and relocate to your next home,” IKEA’s Sweden Creative Leader, Viveca Olsson, said in a statement.

The collection will feature 20 new products, including daybeds, lighting, a mini kitchen, open storage solutions, sofas, tables and textiles.

IKEA has also revealed two other collections which will explore themes of colour, pattern and modern design.

RÅVAROR and accompanying releases will be available in IKEA stores by 2020.


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