Prepare to be grossed out by a new season of Dr Pimple Popper

Words by Anthony Graetz

Why can’t we look away?

If you find yourself religiously scouring YouTube for pimple-popping videos, this one’s for you.

Dr Pimple Popper – aka Dr Sandra Lee – has announced a second season of her popular television show. Dr Lee’s cult following consists of over 5.4 million YouTube subscribers, 3.3 million Instagram followers and 2.5 million Facebook fans.

Dr Pimple Popper is returning to TLC, and Lee will pop and squeeze her way through some of her biggest cases yet. She’ll transform patients’ lives by treating pimples, cysts, lipomas and life-altering skin ailments.

For enthusiasts here in Australia, you can watch the show via Foxtel, or settle for her YouTube channel which highlights snippets of heavenly extractions.

Season 2 premieres on Monday July 1. Make sure you watch it on an empty stomach because, if it’s anything like her first season, you’re guaranteed to get grossed out.


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