Kitchenaid releases fancy mixing bowls to complement your mixer

Images via Kitchenaid
Words by Tara Smith


When you eventually cross the divide from adolescence into adulthood, one of the greatest joys in life becomes fancy kitchen appliances. And as an extension of that, fancy crockery to go with your fancy kitchen appliances.

If you’re civilised enough to own a Kitchenaid mixer, you’ll know that the bowls in your house never quite fit or look right. They are subpar in comparison.

To fix this dramatic crisis, Kitchenaid has released its own set of very ∼trendy∼ ceramic mixing bowls. They arrive in patterned, solid and textured styles, and complement your mixer perfectly.

There’s even a bowl printed with monstera deliciosa leaves to match your indoor greenery.

The ceramic bowls are currently only available on the US site, but you can console yourself with this pink polka dot bowl instead.


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