McDonald’s is phasing out plastic straws

Image via McDonald’s
Words by Tara Smith

A win for the environment.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Fashion Journal, you’ll know our stance on plastic straws.

In a big win for the environment, McDonald’s UK has announced it will phase out its plastic straws in favour of paper ones.

According to Sky News, 1,300 locations across the UK will begin testing paper straws from next month, as part of a global effort to make McDonald’s stores more environmentally friendly.

While McDonald’s claims its plastic straws are already recyclable, the new and improved design will be made from biodegradable paper. They’ll also be kept behind the counter, with employees asking customers if they want one, rather than automatically putting one in the bag.

McDonald’s UK Chief Executive Paul Pomroy recently said in a Sky News interview:

“The only thing left for us to move forward on are the lids that go on to our cups. Those are complicated, but we’re working with our suppliers to find a solution to that.

“We’re really close, so we hope within the next year to be able to have a lid that’s recyclable and serves the same purpose – for hot and cold drinks.”

Australia, it’s your turn next.


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