Plastic straws suck, and here’s what you should be doing about it

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

They suck.

It’s no secret that plastic straws aren’t so environmentally friendly. In fact, they’re pretty harmful, and often end up in the stomachs of our ocean friends.

That’s why Australian-led campaign The Last Straw wants to get rid of them.

Since launching in 2015, founder Eva Mackinley has been shifting the consumer focus from plastic to organic, fair trade, low waste and locally-sourced alternatives.

Besides schooling us on the dangers of plastic straw use, the organisation also teams up with venues across the country. It aims to limit the number of plastic straws distributed to customers on the daily. Right on.

You can lead a more sustainable life by switching to biodegradable paper straws (they’re way cuter anyway) or we’re hoping edible straws will be the way of the future. For more ways to help, head here.


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