Melbourne brand Eva takes sustainable bed linen to the next level 


Hello, hemp linen.

One of the easiest ways to get a satisfying, sexy, ‘Oh, I’m a real adult’ high is to slip into a bed made with freshly cleaned, high-quality sheets. Thankfully, Melbourne-based furniture and bedding company Eva is expanding its popular range of hemp linen sheets with three new colours on offer.

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Available in either a sheet set or duvet set for double, queen or king beds, the collection heroes 100 per cent organic hemp linen and all its many benefits as a textile. 

What is hemp linen?

Hemp is a super versatile fibre that’s been used to spin fabric for more than 50,000 years. It looks and feels nearly identical to flax linen, another popular material for sheets and duvets, but is a lot more environmentally friendly to produce. 

Hemp requires six times less water and land to grow than flax, and doesn’t deplete the nutrient content of the soil it grows in. It also grows exceptionally fast in any weather conditions and is both insect and weed resistant, eliminating the need for pesticides or harmful chemicals. 

This also makes it a great alternative to other natural fibres like cotton and bamboo, which require huge amounts of land and water to grow and are often treated with pesticides and fertilisers. 

What makes these sheets so special?

Besides being a greener choice for your bedroom, Eva’s hemp linen sheets look and feel like a dream. They’re woven to strike a delicate balance between softness, luxury and breathability, and are designed to get softer and softer the longer you own and wash them. 

Hemp is also incredibly durable. Hemp fibres are four times as durable as cotton fibres, and eight times as durable as flax linen fibres. This means that with proper care and love, hemp linen sheets will last a lot longer even if you’re using them year-round. 

Eva’s sheets are naturally thermoregulating, meaning they keep you cool on sticky summer nights without chilling you to the bone during winter. Plus, like many natural fibres, hemp linen is hypoallergenic, so they’re ideal for people with allergies and skin sensitivities. 

They’re also antibacterial, which means they won’t upset acne-prone skin and don’t need to be washed as often as the other sheets in your linen press – a win for both the eco-conscious and the lazy people of the world. 

What are the new colours?

Joining the brand’s existing palette of versatile neutrals, Eva is introducing three new sheet and duvet colours: terracotta, mustard and olive. Eva focuses on nature-inspired colours that will suit a wide range of bedrooms, making your sheets’ transition to a household staple both easy and aesthetically pleasing. 

As with all Eva products of the brand’s sheets, these new styles come with a 120 night risk-free trial period, where you can test out the set in your home to make sure they’re right for you. If not, you can send them back for a full refund. Pretty great, right?

To celebrate this launch, Eva is offering $50 off all hemp linen products with the code BETTERBEDDING for a limited time only. Head here to shop the range. 

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