Motorola is bringing back the Razr flip phone

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

We hope it’s still pink.

If you were a teenager in the mid ’00s, you either owned a Motorola Razr or you lived in constant jealousy of everyone who owned a Motorola Razr.

Before iPhones were a thing, Motorola’s signature flip-phones defined a generation. If you had a Razr, you were cool, and a hot pink Razr brought you close to celebrity status.

Taking us back to the glory days, Motorola looks like it’ll be resurrecting its most iconic phone.

Word of a possible Razr resurgence has been floating around for a while, but there hasn’t been confirmation until now.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a smartphone update of the Razr is due this year, complete with a foldable screen.

A few companies have been playing around with flexible touchscreens in recent years. But it’ll be interesting to see whether Motorola can pull off the thin silhouette of a Razr with such new and uncharted technology.

One thing’s for sure, with a proposed price tag of $1,500 USD, we hope the new phone is so nostalgia-inducing that it actually sends us back in time.


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