New emojis for 2020 include a gender-neutral parent, the Italian hand and bubble tea

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Also, a worm!

Each year, society progresses further and more rapidly than the year before. We consume new media, make new memes, and find new ways to communicate.

The latter is facilitated partly by Apple’s annual drop of fresh hot emojis.

Emojis are a way of life now, and we all just have to accept it. Whether you’re an enthusiastic texter – sending monologues so heavily peppered with thematically appropriate emojis that your messages look like an MSN chain letter – or you’re all about quick responses that still say, “Yeah, I totally get you, friend”, a well-placed wink or eye roll can go a long way.

One of the most encouraging things to see each year is Apple’s commitment to upping emoji inclusivity.

From the introduction of different skin tones to 2019’s inclusion of wheelchair users, hearing aids and prosthetic limbs, every update means that more people can see themselves represented on their keyboard.

This year, Apple has focused heavily on gender diversity and fluidity. Overriding the formerly heteronormative binary of its ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ emojis, the new update includes three options each for a figure in a veil or tuxedo – a man, woman, and gender-neutral person.

Also included is a new childcare emoji that shows three gender diverse figures bottle-feeding a baby, which will join the pregnancy and breastfeeding figures to reflect an open-minded family dynamic.

The update also features the transgender flag, and some tasty treats like tamales and bubble tea – imagine how easy it’ll be to convince your friends to go to Chatime now.

Other highlights include the pinched ‘Italian hand’, an incredibly cute seal, a worm I’m inexplicably obsessed with, and a red pickup that I can only assume is an ode to Bella Swan.

Check out the full release below. All 117 of these emojis will be available for use sometime this year.

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