Uber may soon track how drunk you are based on your phone usage

Image via Uber Oz/Facebook
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Watch your typos.

According to a patent application, Uber is toying with the idea of identifying drunk passengers before they get in drivers’ cars.

Using artificial intelligence, the transport app would be able to test how, when and where you use your phone, to determine how many drinks you might have had before you get picked up. The technology would measure factors like the time of day, how fast you’re walking, and how many typos you make.

How sloppy your phone skills are would then impact who Uber sends to pick you up. That could mean only getting experienced or trained drivers, or not being included in shared rides.

The plan is only in the ‘what-if’ phase at the moment, with no word on when it could be implemented. But it’s hoped the technology could have serious benefits for the safety and comfort of both drivers and passengers.

Then again, we’re not sure we want Uber keeping track of our messages on a night out.


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