4 brands to improve your home office situation

Cool people have cool stationery.

Everyone knows that cool people have cool stationery. It’s just a fact. From the classroom to the office, kitting out your desk is one of life’s simplest pleasures. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up a couple of stationery brands to get you started.


Spencil makes stationery for little people, because everyone knows the importance of having cool stationery at school. Not to mention a fun and inviting home study space. Known for its range of non-toxic slip-on book covers, the brand is making it easy to cover books in cute designs, sans contact wrap. Online you’ll find diaries, journals and planners, as well as sneaker-shaped tape dispensers, robot calculators, dog erasers and more. As a bonus, a percentage of each month’s sales are donated to Mummy’s Wish, a charity that supports families with a mother going through cancer treatment.


Scratch & Jotter

In addition to a spot-on brand name, Scratch & Jotter has a lot going for it. The online store features an extensive list of stationery brands curated from across the world, all sharing a similar theme of premium, timeless pieces. Think quality leather, clean colour palettes and vintage designs, covering the basics (diaries and planners) to the more specialised (fountain pens and desktop tools). There’s even a section for gift ideas for creatives. It’s built on the principle that workspaces should be creative and inspiring places, and the feel-good ethos that you deserve quality stationery.



If you find yourself lacking motivation at school or the office, maybe it’s time for a visit to NoteMaker. The online retailer has a huge collection, specialising in unique stationery for those with an affinity for the finer things in life. From Moleskine to Kate Spade, it stocks over 90 world-class stationery brands to decorate your desk. Think along the lines of luxury stationery boxes, wax seals and even those fancy astronaut pens. Whether your motive is back-to-school or a desire to create, there are over 6000 top-shelf products to get you started.


Mashi Market

If you’re looking for something quirky and colourful to get you in the swing of 2017, Mashi Market is your answer. Inspired by a personal collection of stationery treasures picked up during travels around the world, Mashi Market’s co-founders aim to brighten up your desk.There’s a massive number of diaries and planners, while a quirky selection of stickers and notebooks will feed your creative side. But the star of this online store is its extensive collection of Washi tape. You may want to keep an eye out for the super cute sumo wrestler index tabs, too.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 166. You can read it here.

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