A directory of female illustrators now exists because girl power

The future is female.

Julia Rothman and Wendy MacNaughton have just gone to the top of our idol list.

The illustrators have set out to positively impact females in the creative industry, through the launch of Women Who Draw – an open directory of professional female illustrators.

Inclusive to female, transgendered and gender non-conforming illustrators, Women Who Draw aims to increase the visibility of female illustrators worldwide.

You can search the directory by location, ethnicity, religion and orientation. Once you’ve found an artist whose work catches your eye, you’ll be directed to their website.

On its launch day, the site received 1200 requests to be featured. Open submissions are welcome but temporarily stopped due to server overload.

“So many people said, ‘I can’t believe this didn’t exist earlier,’” MacNaughton told Vogue.

“This is necessary and a long time coming.” 


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