A university is now offering classes on becoming an Instagram Influencer

How to make it.

The idea of trying to make it as an Instagram influencer has crossed most of our minds at least once. Would it really be that hard to curate a nice-looking feed and post a couple of #ootd shots?

One university believes it can monetise the dream of many, offering an official class on becoming an influencer.

China’s Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College is running a ‘modelling and etiquette’ class that equips students with the skills to make it in the public eye.

According to Mashable, the course covers all the important areas of blogger fame – perfecting your poses, developing a specific sense of style, learning how to apply makeup and improving a person’s photo and video skills.

The course runs for three years and students who complete it are awarded an associate degree.

Illustration by Twylamae.

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