According to study, more Millennials believe women should stay at home

Because apparently, it’s 1953.

In news that will make Emma Watson, Justin Trudeau and other feminists slam their heads onto desks, research has showed that more Millennials of today believe women should stay at home.

While I’m totally up for that arrangement if it means I get to watch Netflix in bed, I have a feeling that’s not what they’re getting at.

The research has come from the Council on Contemporary Families. It consults a study given every year, for 40 years, to high school seniors in America (so at least we can distance ourselves geographically from these results).

They showed that compared with 1994, in 2017 less Millennials are disagreeing with statements like, “it is usually better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside the home and the women takes care of the home and family” and  “the husband should make all the important decisions in the family.”

Wow. We always knew the ’90s was a good decade but this just proves it.

Before you give up completely, bizarrely, there were some positive reactions to other things. Like believing that women should still have equal job opportunities to men in the workplace, and that working mothers could still be as loving.

You can view the full results here

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