An antiques website has hired artists to paint Kanye as King Henry VIII, Kim as Mona Lisa


Online antiques website LoveAntiques.com is celebrating its birthday in the best way possible.

The site has commissioned classically-trained painters to reimagine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as historical artworks. It’s all in celebration of the website’s second anniversary.

According to LoveAntique’s blog, King Henry VIII and the Mona Lisa were carefully selected by art experts to best represent the celebs. They chose King Henry because Kanye is known for his short temper and large ego, and the Mona Lisa because Kim’s image is as recognisable as the painting.

The works reportedly took over five days to complete and have been sent to the Kardashian-West clan as an early housewarming present.

Prints will also be up for grabs, with all proceeds going to Donda’s House, a charity founded by Kanye to offer creative services to Chicago’s youth. 

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