Cards Against Humanity has released a slightly more expensive version for women

This is the best thing ever.

I love card games and Cards Against Humanity is definitely in the top five.

Now imagine if I (a guy) bought a starter pack and my friend (a girl) brought the same, only her’s was more expensive. That’s not really fair, but unfortunately, that’s a thing. It’s called the ‘pink tax’ and it refers to the slight increase in price for many products marketed to women. 

So as a big F U to society, Cards Against Humanity has released an identical game for women, only $5 more.

CAH community director, Jenn Bane, thinks no woman will fall for this gimmick. But if people do happen to play along, the money from the edition will benefit women.

The profits from the stylish deck will go to EMILY’s List, a political action committee focused on getting more pro-choice Democratic women elected into public office.

That’s pretty awesome.

Happy playing everyone.


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