Edible pandas are coming to Melbourne and the cuteness is too much to bear

Yes you read that correctly.

Yes you read that correctly.

Edible pandas are now a thing at Chadstone, thanks to a godly collaboration between LuxBite and New Shanghai.

Fresh off the back off a partnership with TDE, LuxBite dessert genius Bernard Chu has teamed up with New Shanghai to create two Oriental-inspired desserts.

The first dessert is a chocolate panda, filled with dark chocolate ganache, toasted black and white sesame and white chocolate mousse. Yum.

The second, slightly less exciting, dessert is a sweet mandarin, filled with mandarin mousse, mandarin compote and an orange jelly glaze.

A pop-up dessert station will be set up to unveil the new desserts, taking place from Friday September 22 to Sunday September 25.

It will set up shop right outside New Shanghai in Chadstone’s Dining Terrace, where you can grab your desserts takeaway or by dining in at the restaurant.



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