Female artists have teamed up to make Christmas cards that support women’s rights

The gift of change.

There’s nothing like a bit of female empowerment to get us in the giving mood this Christmas.

International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) is the largest development agency in Australia entirely focused on women’s rights and gender equality. It’s international, feminist and independent, working to advance and protect the rights of diverse women and girls. 

This year, IWDA has partnered with a group of female artists in Melbourne, to launch a range of cards to support women and advance gender equality. 

Each card tackles a specific issue and gives you the chance to support developing communities and advance gender equality.

Card 1: Nani Puspasari
Profits from this card will aid IWDA’s work to change the systems that suppress women. Designed by Nani Puspasari, purchasing this card will assist IWDA in promoting changes in policy and practice towards gender equality.

Card 2: Carla McRae
The profits from this card can support young women in Timor-Leste to improve their leadership skills. Here, women have fewer education and employment opportunities. The card’s artwork, by Carla McRae, demonstrates a woman who has been given the tools to empower herself.

Card 3: Ellen Porteus
In Cambodia, the system routinely denies women their basic human rights. This card can fund a legal support helpline for sex workers, for an entire month. Ellen Porteus designed this card that will contribute to those who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and violence. Assisting these women with resources to protect themselves and stand up for their rights.

Card 4: Eirian Chapman
This card can support a woman in Myanmar to become a member of parliament through training, mentoring and support. While the political context in Myanmar is rapidly changing, women’s rights violations are still frequent occurrences. Eirian Chapman was the artist behind this illustration and was inspired by women working together in the community to bring society forward.

Card 5: Johanna van der Linden
In the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, nearly 100 per cent of women have experienced violence from the hands of their partners or husbands. This card, designed by Johanna van der Linden, can support as many as 10 women survivors of violence with much-needed counselling and referrals to escape violence, stand up for their rights and rebuild their lives.

So if you’re in the mood to give back this Christmas, you can send a card, an e-card or print one at home – just select how you want your gift to be sent at the checkout. Prices start at $15 up to $120, a small price for promoting gender equality. To guarantee your cards are delivered before Christmas, get your orders in before Monday, 12 December.


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