Snapchat releases video-recording glasses because who needs a phone

Tech these days.

Prepare for an influx of even more European holiday snaps, landscape views and questionable serenity in your social feed.

In case you missed it, last month Snapchat announced the release of Snapchat Spectacles, video-recording sunnies that are connected to users’ Snapchat accounts via Bluetooth.

The Spectacles allow users to snap pictures and record up to 30-second videos on-the-go. They’ll then automatically save to the account’s Snapchat memories.

To imitate a person’s natural field of vision, footage is recorded through a 115-degree angle that creates a circular lens sans fish-eye effect.

So where can you actually get a pair?

Snapchat has revealed that the specs can only be purchased from Snapbots – travelling yellow vending machines which serve the same purpose as a pop-up store.

A map on the Snapchat website will show where the bots can be found, appearing with a 24-hour countdown before it arrives at your location. Another handy hint: a Spectacle geo-filter will be available on your Snapchat when a bot is nearby.

Coming in a range of black, teal and coral, the Specs are priced at $130 US and are only available in a limited number.

Keep a lookout on the site for any updates.


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