Homeless of Melbourne has launched an online store

Streetwear that does good.

Want to donate to charity, but can’t get past the temptation of shopping? We feel you. We also have the solution. Cue Homeless of Melbourne.

Homeless of Melbourne is a registered Australian charity with thousands of online supporters. If you think it sounds familiar you’ve probably walked past their store in Melbourne Central, HoMie.

It’s pretty kewl. Every time you buy a piece of clothing from the store they donate a similar piece of clothing to someone who is experiencing homelessness.  They also hold shopping days where people experiencing homelessness are VIP customers. They get a personal shopper, five new pieces of clothing, some food, some coffee and even a swish new haircut.

And now they’ve launched an online store. So if you’re tossing up between a new t-shirt and donating, now you can do both. 

Homeless of Melbourne isn’t just about raising money to support people who live on the street but about changing our perceptions of them.

So get shopping.


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