Ladies of Leisure is running workshops you’ll actually want to attend

Speed dating for friends, anyone?

Girls of Melbourne rejoice. Our favourite Ladies of Leisure (LOL) and online art retailer, Pieces 4 Places (P4P), have collaborated to create P4P x LOL, a temporary store and workshop space in Fitzroy.

In case you haven’t heard, Ladies of Leisure is a team of passionate and driven women that creates films, publishes zines and offers a range of fun merchandise.

And Pieces 4 Places are a specially-curated online store selling a diverse range of emerging artists’ work and past creations with an eye for the unique.

Running from September 26 to October 11, P4P x LOL will host a series of fun workshops from industry mentors.  The aim is to not only surround you with like-minded women, but to help up-and-coming creative people in the pursuit of their passions.

The workshops are divided into two groups,‘Work’ and ‘Play’. We have your guide to what they’re all about and which ones can help you achieve your goals.

WORK! Shop
No (Wo)man is an island. Collaboration & Starting your own Label

Perfect for the DIY fashionista, this workshop gives you practical tips on starting your own fashion label.

WORK! Shop
Doing it All, Doing it Well. Time Management

Get off the procrastination station. This is all about how to balance different activities and divide your time effectively.

WORK! Shop
Superstar Writing for Emails and Everyday Life

Take your grammar from zero to hero and learn how to communicate effectively and professionally in the digital age.

PLAY! Time
Alice Oehr. Illustration

Ditch the doodles and become an illustrating extraordinaire.

PLAY! Time
Sister Studios. Raffia Basket Weaving.

PLAY! Time
Petri & Specks. Make Your Own Resin Earrings

WORK! Shop
How To Get Out Of Your Head And Into The Real World

WORK! Shop
A Career in The Arts: Perception vs Reality.

This workshop grants you an honest insight into what it takes to make it in the art world.

How To Win Friends and Influence People: Friend Speed Dating

This sounds basically like a short course on how to break through our social awkwardness and make friends in the grown up world.  Sign us up.

PLAY! Time
Kitiya Palaskas: Inspirational Banners

PLAY! Workshop
Pot Painting with Genevieve Star

PLAY! Time
Ceramics with Leah Jackson.

Unleash your inner Ghost through this fun workshop that helps budding clay mavens to become experts in ceramics.

We don’t know about you, but every single one of these workshops sounds like the way to learn the lessons they don’t teach you in school.

All the information can be found on the LOL Website. See you there!


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