‘Humans of New York’ is getting its own TV show


Humans of the world, get ready to connect with some very real New Yorkers. 

As much as we love Game of Thrones, we can’t deny that we’re looking forward to watching some TV that matters. 

Humans of New York began as a photographic catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants in 2010. Creator Brandon Stanton began to interview his subjects and over time, the inclusion of their stories became a vital part of the blog.

Evidently, we’ve all been hungry for something authentic on social media, because HONY now has roughly 20 million followers. 

Given the subject matter, it was inevitable that video would someday be incorporated into the mix. And, although HONY now features people from all over the world, its new TV show takes place solely in New York City.

After four years of filming, Stanton and cinematographer Michael Crommett have interviewed 1,200 people, who collaboratively help to shed light on the meaning of life. 

The show will present a rare opportunity to meet a diverse range of people, whose stories you probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise. 

Humans Of New York TV is premiering next week via Facebook Watch, which is the social network’s new space for TV shows. 


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