Netflix has released its own line of weed

The true meaning of Netflix and chill.

Netflix heard you wanted to chill.

If you needed another reason to love the streaming giant, it partnered up with AHHS to distribute a whole lot of weed over the weekend.

Yes, you read that right.

The company released a lineup of strains named The Netflix Collection to promote its latest series Disjointed. And we just have to give kudos to their marketing team.

Taking inspiration from ten of Netflix’s most popular shows, each strain was designed to smoke while watching its TV namesake.

In a press release, Netflix stated that each was “cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone.”

For instance, the Arrested Development-inspired ‘Banana Stand Kush’ is ideal for a “big yellow joint.”

‘The Prickly Muffin’ (BoJack Horseman) claims to “make things easier”, while the Santa Clarita Diet strain will amp up your appetite.

Due to federal regulations, only those in possession of qualifying medical conditions (ie. requiring medical cannabis) were able to purchase the strains.

Netflix claimed that they wouldn’t profit off the dispensary sales, as the product launch was intended for promotional purposes only.

The set was exclusively sold at a medical dispensary pop up in West Hollywood, where a total of 27 pounds was sold.

Sounds like a glorious weekend.


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