Huxtaburger and Hannoi Hannah have joined forces to create the ultimate Vietnamese burger

For a limited time only.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to treat yourself. 

However, when Huxtaburger and Hanoi Hannah join forces to create the ultimate Vietnamese Burger, the world stops. 

As of October 25, all Hanoi Hannah and Huxtaburger restaurants will be selling a banh-mi burger, which is appropriately named Hannah.

Sandwiched between Huxtaburger’s famous buns, is a pork patty, seasoned with lemongrass, chilli and a bit of ginger. You’ll also find coriander, Vietnamese mint, pickled carrot, nouc mam and green papaya. For extra zest, they’ve added a layer of pâté, spicy mayo and to tie it all together, some crispy shallots.

Here comes the drool. 



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