Instagram’s newest update allows celebs to block comments from haters

Bye Felicia.

After Instagram announced changes that made us nostalgic for the app we used to know and love, it’s finally offering a much needed update.

Celebrities now have power over their social media accounts, with the ability to automatically block comments from haters. 

It’s uncertain exactly how this new feature will operate, but it’s proposed that trolls will be prevented from leaving comments featuring phrases and that have already been reported. 

At its most basic, it means Instagram will stop haters before they have the chance to post their unwanted opinions in a comment thread. For once we don’t feel an online feud ensuing. 

As it currently stands, users of Instagram are able to delete comments on their photos and report any undesirable content to moderators, but are not able to prevent comments from appearing before they’ve been posted. 

The new feature is already in effect, with all the ‘snake’ emojis from Taylor Swift’s Instagram account supposedly blocked following the Kanye/Kim saga. 

The update follows the Twitter onslaught that Ghostbusters star, Leslie Jones, faced last week, with the platform shutting down the source of racist and misogynistic tweets. 

For us mere mortals, the new function is currently unavailable. We can only hope that Instagram rolls out this new feature to every user ASAP. 


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