Kimoji isn’t free, also broke the app store

But here’s a look!

Well we can’t say we’re surprised at this.

After the release of Kim Kardashian’s very own emoji series earlier this morning, we learnt three things:

  1. She’s making the poor, desperate, Kim-loving souls of the internet pay $1.99 to download her cartoon butt
  2. They don’t even work like real emojis
  3. She is somehow still able to break the internet. Well the App Store at least.

A quick search of twitter also reveals comments from some very disappointed fans, as well as suggestions of related searches such as ‘kimoji doesn’t work’ and ‘kimoji broken.’ 

For all you true Kim fans who aren’t marred by these slight hurdles, no doubt you’re keen to see the Kimojis. We’ve included a few here, but they include platinum blonde Kim, contouring Kim, a pole-dancing Kim and, of course, a waist trainer. Oh, and a condom? 

For more, we recommend keeping your eyes on twitter.

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