Snapchat is changing its features, is turning into Instagram

Goodbye my lover.

Just when we recovered from the changes made to Instagram, yet another social media app is set to break our hearts. 

It appears the much-loved app for raw, instantaneous content is moving in the Insta direction. Snapchat will be rolling out a heap of new features, and we don’t know how we feel about them. 

First off, the app is introducing a ‘Memories’ feature which will allow users to download Snapchats, then edit and republish photos and videos.

You’ll also be able to upload photos and videos from your camera roll, allowing you to pretend you’re away on a beach holiday when in reality you’re curled up next to the heater. 

Next up, you’ll be able to save Snaps under a feature named ‘My Eyes Only’, with a password protecting your private snaps. 

And there’s still more. Your Snap stories will now also be saved as visual albums, should you want to relive your questionable weekend festivities. 

And if you were hoping these updates were a little while off yet, news gets worse. The changes launch today. If you’re game enough to check them out, make sure to update the app. 


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