Spotlight on: The Paper Saver Notebook

The last notebook you’ll ever need.

It’s time to give back to your longterm relationship with trees by re-using your printed and scrap paper. Because, well, they have been a loyal partner. Cue Paper Saver.

Melbourne-based architect Jon Yong developed the Paper Saver Notebook as a simple solution to putting your scrap paper to further use, in a stylish and environmentally friendly way, of course. 

The Paper Saver Notebook is at the forefront of paper saving solutions, offering an elegant faux leather notebook which can continually be refilled and replenished with your printed paper. 

You simply insert your printed A3 or A4 sized paper inside, fold, and are left with a re-usable bound notebook you can take anywhere.

The regular sized paper saver (A4) retails at $20, while the larger size (A3) retails at $28. A small price to pay compared to the environmental costs associated with increasing paper wastage.  

Your first step to saving the world starts here.


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