Streets just released three more Golden Gaytime flavours


Just when we thought Streets had reached its peak with the Golden Gaytime Sanga, the ice cream giant has announced that three more flavours are coming to a freezer near you.

We have now been blessed with Unicorn, Piña Colada and Choc Mint Golden Gaytimes because clearly, Streets is on a crazy power trip after the hype around the Sanga.

The Unicorn Gaytime is inspired by the limited-edition Unicorn Breath flavour launched at the Crumb Shed pop-up earlier this year. It will include delicious (??) blue and pink ice cream with pink crumbs, although there’s no word on the actual flavour of this creation.

Piña Colada is a take on the classic cocktail, with a mix of coconut and pineapple ice cream, coated with a vanilla coconut crumb.  

And Choc Mint McMint Face, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

The limited-edition flavours are now on sale nationwide for the average price of your corner store Golden Gaytime.


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