Swiss cheese ice cream has arrived to clog your arteries

Image via OddFellows Ice Cream

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

An unconventional combo.

In what is either a stroke of genius or a recipe for disaster, Swiss cheese ice cream is now a thing.

American cheese purveyor, Murray’s Cheese, is celebrating the second birthday of its exclusive Annelies cheese with a time-honoured birthday staple: ice cream.

The cheese – described as having hints of hazelnut, butterscotch, alpine grasses and cocoa – was made for Murray’s by Swiss cheesemaker, Walter Rass, and can’t be purchased anywhere else.

With the help of OddFellows Ice Cream Co., Murray’s is developing a limited-edition Annelies-flavoured treat.

Cheesy ice cream might sound like an unlikely pairing, but we’re choosing to reserve judgement. After all, stranger foods have been combined before.

The Annelies flavour will be available exclusively at OddFellows’ New York locations from August 2-5.


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