The world’s first official Nutella cafe is almost here and OMG

Thank you Jesus.

Pack your bags, kids. We’re going to Chicago.

Yep, the windy city has just gone to the top of our list, with the news it’s set to house the world’s first official Nutella Café.

Insert love heart-eyes emoji here.

The ode to the choc-hazelnut spread is being launched by Ferrero and is said to open at the end of the month. The space is supposedly designed to reflect a newly-opened jar of Nutella, with brown accents dripping from the ceiling and lights resembling hazelnut flowers.

The menu itself reads like a dream, with Nutella crêpes, Nutella-filled croissants, Nutella-topped fruit salad (weird, but OK…), Nutella-topped fruit pies (stranger still) and seasonal salads and soup. Those last two are Nutella-free, FYI.

Apparently, the first 400 customers to show up on May 31 will receive “special surprises.” We’re sold.

BRB, booking flights.


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