The fashion films coming to Sydney Film Festival this year

Choc tops and chill.

Film festivals have got to be one of the most appealing winter activities. Snuggling into a dim theatre for an intellectually stimulating night, while smashing wine and choc tops like it ain’t no thang.

Well lucky for you Sydney-siders, the Sydney Film Festival is coming up fast, running from June 7 to 18. There’s even a selection of fashion-themed films to please you all.


Nothing gets us excited more than a good ol’ fashion doco, and we’ve had our eye on this one since the start of the year. Dries captures the life and career of the iconic Dries Van Noten. The documentary covers a year in the life of the Belgian fashion designer, as he brings four collections to life. Apparently you even get a peak at his atelier and personal home, which is sure to be goals.

Rip Tide

Moving away from the non-fiction, we come to Rip Tide. The film is centred on a model who runs away to Australia to stay with her aunt after a faux pas on the runway. The film is a sort of ode to Australia, directed by an Australian, filmed around Wollongong, Kiama and Shellharbour in New South Wales, and with a whole lot of supporting Aussie talent.


If you’re looking for something a little more hardcore, Fashionista will probably do it for you. It tells the story of a vintage store owner, April, who uses clothing as an emotional crutch when her life spirals out of control. It’s a horror film with fashion and infidelity – what’s not to love?

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