There’s now a dating app matching you with people who hate the same things

What a time to be alive.

A new dating app has arrived with the simple but ingenious idea of matching people on the things they hate.

Ever found that you’ve bonded more with someone over a mutual hatred? Well, you’re not the only one. Apparently it’s a proven science thing as well.

New app, Hater, puts this well and truly to the test, with about 2000 topics to swipe hate on (or love, dislike and like). Topics cover everything from Trump to slow walkers to sleeping with a lot of pillows on your bed – it’s pretty comprehensive.

Just like Tinder, you’re matched when both people swipe right. With Hater, there’s even a handy little icebreaker in the form of a hate card that you can play to start the conversation for you.

The official release date is February 8, but apparently there are already 10,000 Haters using the app.

It’s currently available on the Australian iTunes store and will soon appear for Android as well, so that everyone can hate to their heart’s content.


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