Harry Potter blankets are here to refresh your four-poster bed


Sure, we’ve seen a lot of weird releases in 2017, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some goodies too. Namely, goblet-loads of Harry Potter collaborations.

Now here’s another to add to your dorm room.

U.S woollen mill, Pendleton, has just released a line of Harry Potter blankets, which will pair nicely with these HP pyjamas.

The collection features six blankets and two scarfs, all made from a wool-cotton blend. There’s one blanket for each of the four houses, plus an additional two baby blankets featuring HP motifs like Hogwarts and Harry’s round glasses.

But in a blow that’s about as devistating as the pre-mature death of Hedwig, the collection is only available in the US. Someone find us a portkey stat.


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