This app wants you to shop stupid while drunk

Drunken regret in its best possible form.

Next time you feel the urge to send embarrasing texts to your ex, save yourself with this drunk shopping app – drunken regret in its best possible form.

This free app encourages you to shop while intoxicated by offering suggestions of useless products you may temporarily think you need in your life. Perfect.

How it works: Text “heyyyyyy” (that’s precisely 6 y’s, equivalent to the 6 espresso martinis you just had) to the number 551-333-7856.

Then, at 2am on Sunday morning, the app will text you a picture of a random product, like a giant roll-out piano or a t-shirt covered in Nicolas Cage’s face, asking whether you want to buy.

Of course you do. You’re drunk.

The free service, which labels itself as “the shopping experience that delights in sloppy judgment” is the work of an ex-Buzzfeed employee, because who else would design something so deliciously ridiculous?

It’s currently only available in the US, but we be waiting.


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