8 Nutella-based gifts for that special someone in your life


Do you have a loving relationship with Nutella? Do you have a Nutella-obsessed friend who has a birthday coming up soon?

Then rejoice, dear reader. Fashion Journal has you covered in the choc-hazelnut spread department, with a list of the very best Nutella-based gifts that will make your day extra delish.

Just make sure you to pick up a jar of the real stuff before the cravings set in.

1. The Nutella tote (nowhere-fashion.com)
For the truly committed who want to let everyone know where their priorities really lie. 

2. The Nutella cutting board (boutique.nutellausa.com*)
For the home chef who knows what people really want to eat. 

3. The Nutella recipe book (asos.com/au)
For those seeking to incorporate Nutella more regularly into their diet, but are lacking creativity.

4. The personalised Nutella spoon (etsy.com/DazzlingDezignz4U)
For the serial tub dweller, who understands no nutella tastes as good as nutella fresh from the tub.

5. The Nutella earrings (saturdaylollipop.com.au)
For the Nutella Fashionista who secretly wants to douse themself in the stuff, but must settle for a fashion accessory instead.

6. The Nutella costume (etsy.com/TheCostumeCafe)
For those that understand that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (This also comes in adult sizes. Yes, yes, yes.)

7. The Nutella cap (zazzle.com.au)
For the musical Nutella fan, who appreciates a good Rihanna lyric almost as much as the chocolatey tub of heaven.

8. The Nutella Spreader (boutique.nutellausa.com)
For the most dedicated. This Spreader is specially designed to scrape every last bit of nutella out of the tub. You’re welcome.

*On a side note, the Nutella Boutique is a real life thing (I know, we died). But sadly it does not ship to Australia… take it up with them not us.

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