This Covo dog bed is a modern work of art

I want it and I don’t even have a dog.

Dog ppl, rejoice. Whether you own a dog or plan on dog-ownership maybe one day in future, we’ve discovered a dog bed that’s probably worth ordering right now.

I mean, just look at it. Isn’t it beautiful? It looks less like a dog bed than it does a modern work of art born to live seamlessly within an airy, well-lit Scandinavian home.

And it’s not just for show. The round exterior is made of bent oak or walnut plywood, with a raised rear to keep your woofer happy. It also includes a specially-designed foam cushion to give extra support to your little one’s spine. 

A collaboration by Berlin-based architecture firm Cossmann_Jacobitz and pet accessories label MiaCara, the Covo dog bed is now available to purchase right here.

Got a spare $700? 

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