This Sorting Hat candle reveals what Hogwarts house you’re in when lit

Telling you where you ought to be.

If you’re a true HP fan, you’ll be able to relate to the nail-biting nervousness that ensued when Professor McGonagall placed the sorting hat on Harry’s head. 

Now you can endure that feeling in the comfort of your own bedroom. This is the best thing to happen to us since Pottermore launched.

Muggle Library Candles, a company that makes Harry Potter-themed candles on Etsy (an idea as genius as Hermione herself), recently dropped a brand new product that is the candle equivalent of a personalised sorting ceremony. 

The soy wax candle is white in colour but when lit, the heat causes it to change colour, revealing which house you truly belong to. If only we could use incendio to light it.

This candle has proven as popular as Viktor Krum in his Quidditch heydey, so pre-order for April 2018 to score yourself one.


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