Tiffany & Co releases extravagant home accessories collection you probably don’t need

Excess at Tiffany’s.

On a scale of things we absolutely do not need, a ball of yarn crafted from sterling silver sits pretty high.

It’s just one of the extravagant products Tiffany & Co has released under its exxy home and accessories collection, which also includes first aid kits, ping pong sets and stationery.

The collection arrives in Tiffany’s trademark blue with sterling silver accents, including the added option of personal engraving also available. Because I’ll be damned if I’m playing ping-pong with a bat that isn’t inscribed with my initials tbh.

There’s also plates, glasses, cups, and yes, sterling silver yarn. The one product I am all about is the gold and silver-toned straws, because plastic straws are terrible for the environment.

If your first aid kit could do with a sterling silver upgrade, the home and accessories collection is due to drop at Tiffany & Co November 1.


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