Word is officially out, here’s how the new ANTM is going to look without Tyra

Big, flashy names.

There’s been a whole lot of speculation over who’s going to replace the infamous Tyra Banks as the new host of America’s Next Top Model. Rumour no more, the panel has been announced and the line-up is full of big, flashy names.

Rita Ora will replace the queen herself as the host of the show, along with model Ashley Graham, stylist Law Roach, and Paper mag’s chief creative officer, Drew Elliott.

2016 is set to have a new focus, with Rita Ora making it clear she’s looking for a model that can do a lot more than just pout and look pretty. Apaz it’s all about the hybrids. Lil’ bit of business skill, lil’ bit of flair and a whole lot of social media presence.

And don’t woz dedicated Tyra fans, she’s still working her magic behind the scenes and will probs make some appearances throughout the season.

It should be interesting to see how this all goes. 

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